Educated individualized herbal care for a healthier life

Welcome to Deep Roots Apotheke & Clinic, a person focused herbal medicine clinic and apothecary located in Montevallo, AL with a satellite office in Birmingham, AL. 

We wild-harvest the herbs in 40-60% of our formulas and create specialty herbal formulations to provide herbal alternatives to common over-the-counter medications. 

We help people with chronic issues like diabetes, thyroid conditions, acne, acid reflux, ADD/ADHD, gall stones & gallbladder attacks, detoxification support (heavy metal and other), PTSD support, PMS, PMDD, neuropathy, osteoarthritis, migraines, interstitial cystitis, and arthritis as well as acute care issues like herniated disks, infections (sinus, respiratory, ear, and the like), colds & flus, congestion, cough, cuts, scrapes, diabetic wounds care support, varicose veins, broken bone healing and recovery, Bell's palsy, (systemic) poison ivy, post surgery recovery, grief, mild burns, bronchitis, cold sores, carpal tunnel, cavities, childbirth and postpartum herbal support, lymphatic support for after infections or injuries, hemorrhoids, hot flashes, fungal infections (jock itch/athlete's foot), leg cramps and restless leg, UTI's, BV, mono, morning sickness, food poisoning, cellulitis, shingles, stomach aches, sprains, tendonitis, and stomach ulcers (with proper physician supervision).

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"After seeing Cameron, I got a new lease on life. My chronic migraines are GONE and I barely even have a headache. The swelling in my feet is gone, my frequent stomach pain is gone. I finally feel rested for the first time in years. She is actually addressing the causes instead of only addressing my symptoms. Another thing I like is the care I receive. She always takes her time with you and is always willing to answer any questions." J. S. 


" [Cameron] is a highly gifted herbalist that has helped me get rid of my migraines and practically erased ALL my headaches! She has also been working with me and has helped significantly decrease the swelling in my feet and my leg pain, and has given me back my energy! I seriously feel like a new woman!" J. L.


"For at least 6 months, I had problems with overwhelming anxiety several times a week.  I was worried that my next step was prescription medication.  I met with Cameron and really liked her from the start. She LISTENED, took notes, asked lots of questions, then made her recommendations.  I applied her advice and herbs to my routine and within a week, the anxiety had lessened dramatically!  It continues to be under control. I highly recommend Deep Roots Apothecary.  Thank you so much Cameron!!"  D.R.


"When I began to see Cameron, I was in bad shape.  My immune system was underperforming, I was having painful and debilitating stomach issues, and my anxiety was on overload.  Doctors were treating symptoms without finding causes, while my health quickly declined.  Cameron was a lifesaver. She helped me to identify food allergies, heal my stomach, re-nourish my body, and eat for health.  I learned not only about herbs, supplements, and diet to heal my body from illness, but also lifelong tools for healthier living.  I now feel better than I have in years, and it allows me to think more clearly and approach life with renewed sense of purpose.  I highly recommend Cameron's services for a full body and mind treatment and an invaluable insight into your personal health." C.S.