Welcome to Deep Roots Apotheké & Clinic!

Local, Professional Herbal Medicines & Hands-on Herbal Education

My name is Cameron Strouss and I am a Clinical/Functional, and Registered Herbalist and owner of Deep Roots Apotheke & Clinic, LLC.

We are a local Herbal Apothecary, Education Hub, located in Montevallo & Birmingham, AL.

We are a chosen family of healers, educators, and makers driven to further whole person wellness in central Alabama by providing in-depth herbal education, and professional herbal formulas product line.

Our professional-grade product line is on a mission - build robust health in our central Alabama community by connecting people with plant medicine.

Our line does this by:

  • supporting the fundamentals: digestive function, stress management, lymph flow, connective tissue health

  • acute care and symptom relief: alternatives to the NSAIDS and cold-and- flu remedies that come without the side effects

  • pain management: meeting a deep need among chronic pain sufferers who lack safe and effective options