Wholesaler Education Program


Our Educational Mission…

We wanted to provide educational opportunities for our wholesalers in appreciation for carrying not only our products but providing herbal education and informational services to the community at large who may not have access to other forms of health coaching/herbal information and preventative care.

This serves our mission in a few ways ways:

  1. We want to provide educational programs that support the paradigm shift in healthcare from a top-down, symptom-focused approach towards a bottom-up, preventative one that emphasizes individual agency and family health advocacy.

  2. We created this line that we might educate and empower people through our products to understand in a deep way that herbals are a valid and effective way to help with their daily and long term health needs.

  3. We want employees to feel as though they have moved from being “educated enough to be dangerous” to competency. Giving them the confidence in recommending herbal and nutritional products without fear or hesitancy.

We offer two educational resources for you and your staff:

  1. Our 1.5 hr FREE product education course that we will come to you and teach. You can call 205-790-3285 #1 to schedule this. We would love to teach you about our products, their uses, and contraindications.

  2. Our extensive, in-person 8 week educational program. This program helps to take your staff to the next level. The curriculum and details are below.

In-Depth Curriculum

  • Herbal Medicine, History, & Whole Body Focused Care

    • Introduction

    • Why Herbs?

    • A History or Traditional Western Herbalism

    • Wholism

  • A Framework and Vocabulary

    • Traditional Western Herbal Energetics/Framework

    • How do herbs work?

    • Herbal Actions/Vocabulary

    • Synergism

  • Nuts & Bolts

    • Biological Terrain

    • Introduction to Basic Tongue Assessment

    • Degrees of Remedies

    • What are teas, tinctures, salves, glycerites, vinegars, etc

    • Summary of Applications — when to use teas, tinctures, glycerites, vinegars, neti pot rinses, salves, essential oils, nutrients, etc.

    • Dosing Ephemera (but not quite)

    • Botanical Research & how to cultivate a BS meter

  • Food as Medicine & When to Use Nutrients

    • Anatomical Overview: Digestive System

    • Macronutrients

    • Vitamins and Minerals

    • Favorite ways to boost nutrient/mineral content


Once we fill the course with 14 participants it will run every Sunday for 8 weeks from 9-5 pm.


Class will be in Montevallo, AL at our store front.

620 Main Street Montevallo, AL 35115


The course will be offered to wholesalers at a 40% discount!

The course would cost $1120 but will be given to wholesaler staff at $672.

Contact us at deeprootsclinic@gmail.com if you are interested!