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Who we are,

what we care about,

and how we have crafted our line..

Deep Roots provides bioregional, professional grade, herbal formulations that support people through facilitating core aspects of robust health (stress management, digestive function, adequate lymph flow, and connective tissue health), supply acute care/symptom relief, and provide pain management, meeting a deep need among chronic pain sufferers who lack safe and effective options.

Our practitioner partners and retail store find these formulations to be indispensable as they are suited for many common health challenges.

Why our line stands out: 

1.  We have created a product line that educates and empowers people by outshining typical modern day options with safer and more effective herbal alternatives so that they understand in a deep way that herbals are a valid and effective way to help with their daily and long term health needs.  

2.  We formulate our products through our knowledge of phytopharmacology and phytochemistry, and a deep understanding of extraction methods to potentiate herbal constituents. We nerd out (big time) and are constantly in pursuit of the most effective methods to extract our plant medicines - soxhlets, triple extracts, fluid extracts, powder concentrates, and more.

3. We intentionally select herbals to work on a physiological and energetic level, creating synergies and additive effects in our formulations that potentiate biochemical matrices.

4. We potentiated our line with low-dose botanicals providing safe, effective and heavy hitting herbals. 

5. We have our own CDB line —  we have amplified already effective herbal formulas with CBD, outperforming comparable products.

6. We are bioregional herbalists who intentionally choose and source local herbs. Our connection to the natural world engenders responsible, sustainable usage and stewardship of ecosystems. We source our herbals from the most reputable herb suppliers, farmers and local wild crafters, while putting an emphasis on growing and harvesting much of our own material. We talk the talk and walk the walk: our goal is to wild-harvest or grow 40-60% of our botanicals in-house by 2020. 

7. We have 15 + years of personal and clinical experience; we also emphasize and recognize traditional knowledge passed down through herbal lineage.

By skillfully integrating these multiple methods of utilizing our materia medica, harnessing the full breadth of our education and experience, and clearly defining our goals for this line, we have birthed something we are epically proud of. 


The Deep Roots Team