Period School

Rescheduled for NEXT YEAR!

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3 Day Mommy and Me Class

                                                Date to be Announced                                                

9 am - 5 pm 

AGES: (10)11-14(15) + Mom

Embody Practice Center

3918 Montclair Rd Suite 100

Birmingham, AL

What is Period School & Why Are we so passionate about it? 

Sometimes the topic of menstruation is scary for parents. Maybe you aren’t ready for your child to grow up, perhaps you are a single Dad and just don’t know how to broach the subject, but whatever your reasons are you can do a great service for your tween/teen by giving them the gift of body literacy. 

body literacy (v): refering to the observing, learning about, and the understanding of one’s body.

Education about our menstrual cycles and body literacy is seriously lacking. I hear stories regularly about women from my generation and the one previous that they thought they were dying when they had their first cycle despite sex education in schools. Body literacy is also so important in over-all health and can protect and ensure your tween/teen's reproductive health later in life and help with body image issues and the questions, concerns, and curiosities of normal self-awareness/exploration. We have a responsibility to seek out a new paradigm for the future; empowerment through more comprehensive education that truly prepares us for menstruation and the changes that come in our teen years. 

Let’s start educating our bleeding population on how to take care of the health of their cycle. We need to teach them how to know when there is something amiss with their cycle, to nurture and harness their hormones, to do a breast self-exam, to choose healthy menstrual products, and all the other things our mothers never knew to teach us.   

So, THAT is why we are so excited to be facilitating body literacy through Period School! Please join us!

[There will be VERY limited conversations about fertility, birth control, and sexual health this course is not going to be a sex education class (as we do not feel it is age appropriate) but these topics will come up as part of the greater context and will be discussed as part of the cycle. ]


  • The how, what, & when of PERIODS
  • PMS- What is it, what to expect, and how to handle it
  • Choosing the safest and most suitable menstrual products for you and your life
  • Norms and Taboos of Menstrual Health
  • Knowing the Signs: how to know if your cycle is normal and what to do when it isn’t
  • It Ain’t All About the Period: what else is there and why it matters- education about the hormones and changes throughout the entire 28 day cycle
  • Working with the Flow: how to harness your hormones for a happier life
  • Nutrition for your whole cycle
  • Nurturing Yoga for your cycle.
  • Breast health and breast self-exam
  • Abdominal Massage for pelvic health
  • Sleep, Stress, Stress Management, Digestion, Elimination, and Supplements and how they can impact menstrual health

Teachers, Collaborators, & Facilitators

Clinical Herbalist Cameron Strouss

Doula Lindsay Whiteaker

Massage Therapist and RYT Lauren Brown

Massage Therapist Adrian Ward


$300 Total

We do provide snacks but not lunches.

2 scholarships available contact us for more details or apply here.

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