Hands-on Herbal Mentorship Program


Often in the study of herbal medicine it can be difficult to go from book learning or even an online course or classroom setting to practicing what you have learned. As a beginner having a mentor to help you bridge the gaps in your knowledge, bolster you when you feel unsure, and help you gain invaluable hands-on experience is one huge missing piece in herbal education. We are here to bridge that gap. 

Mentorship, much like a traditional apprenticeship, is one of society’s oldest forms of experiential education. In many cultures, herbal training occurs almost exclusively in a setting where experienced herbalists work closely with others to share their accumulated wisdom. The structure of these relationships varies widely, but all have in common the desire to share information while offering support, guidance and critical feedback.
— American Herbalist Guild


What we ARE:

1. A hands in dirt, plants, and medicine experience.

2. A way to see a practicing herbalist in action and gain knowledge through proximity.

3. A supplement to your own formal herbal education with experiantial education. 

4. A way to connect to community and grow and learn with them/us.



  What we are NOT:

1. An herb school

2. A substitute for herb school








We now only recruit mentees 1 x yearly and will be actively recruiting in January, February, and March but you can apply now with the application below.

This year will be the only year we will accept people who have not attended our Medicine Making Intensives or another comparable course. 

We accept 10 mentees. 

Mentees have a mandatory Orientation April 7th and 8th in Montevallo, AL.

1 x monthly classes include harvesting, gardening, garbling, medicine making, and a materia medica exploration including a tincture of the plants we discuss every month.
Classes are held in Montevallo, AL in our store-front and teaching space.

We also allow you to join us in harvesting, gardening, medicine making, and at our market stand the scheduled dates for mentoring include:

  • Thursdays: Harvesting/Gardening with Cameron, 
  • Friday: Medicine Making with Heather/Cameron, 
  • Saturday: Farmers Market 5 minute counter consultation observation/on the spot formulations

You may attend one Harvesting, Medicine Making, and Farmers Market Session per month.


Herbal Mentorship Cost:

$1020 for the year or $340 per term (3 terms)

Please contact us if you need a scholarship or are interested in a payment plan.

Scholarship Application Here


Expectations are as follows:

  • We expect you to assist with harvesting, garbling, medicine making, and the Pepper Place market.
  • We expect you to have a curious and humble attitude towards learning.
  • We expect you to be PROMPT and responsible. 
  • We expect you to work hard and take full advantage of this learning opportunity. 
  • We expect that you honor this as a working learning experience and be willing to do so.
  • We expect that you understand that learning herbalism will take time, effort, and energy and we are willing to invest in you as you invest in us your time. 
  • We expect to give you hands on experience. 
  • We expect that you will communicate clearly and effectively with us throughout this internship.
  • We expect to match the effort you put in for learning with our effort in teaching you.
  • We expect to enjoy spending time with you and sharing our collective passion.
  • We expect to learn from you.

You will work closely with Cameron & Heather but will communicate mostly with Crystal.


2018 Mentorship Class Schedule

January - Off

February - Off

March - Off

Saturday, April, 7th 10 am- 3:30 pm- New Volunteer Orientation (Mandatory)

Sunday, April 8th, 10 am- 3:30 pm- WORK DAY (New+ Old Mentees)

All Classes are from 1:30 pm-4:30 pm

Sunday, May 6- Class

Sunday, June 17-  Class

Sunday, July 8 - Class

Sunday, August 5-  Class 

Sunday, September 2 - Class

Sunday, October 7- Class

Sunday, November 4 - Class

Sunday, December 2 - Volunteer Class