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Period School

Sometimes the topic of menstruation is scary for parents. Maybe you aren’t ready for your child to grow up, perhaps you are a single Dad and just don’t know how to broach the subject, but whatever your reasons are you can do a great service for your twean/teen by giving them the gift of body literacy.

Body Literacy can protect and ensure their reproductive health later in life and help with body image issues and the questions, concerns, and curiosities of normal self-awareness/ exploration.

After having experienced my own struggles with PMS and PMDD (Pre-menstrual Dysmorphic Disorder) I kept thinking that the way to head these issues off for women is to fully educate them as they enter into this next phase of life.

So, THAT is why we are so excited to be facilitating body literacy through Period School! Please join us!




Embody Practice Center 3918 Montclair Rd Suite 100 Birmingham, AL


$300 for the week we do provide snacks but not lunches.
(2 scholarships available)


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