Tension Headache Hacks


I have struggled with tension headaches since high school and as a practitioner my goals are always to suss out the how, and why of the things that plague me and lets be real -- LOTS of other people. This is a pretty comprehensive list of Apps, Gear, Videos, and body work that I have used to help me with my Tension Headaches throughout the years. I also developed our Bye Bye Tension Headache formula and it works like a champ! You can find it in our store. 

Computer/Device Hacks

I have found that most people with tension headaches are on the computer a lot and can have tension due to inactivity, poor posture, stress, and eye strain. Here are some thing to help!

  1. F.lux — is an app that alters the light spectrum given of by your computer; reducing eye strain and preventing the blue light form your computer and other devices from screwing up your circadian rhythm. 

  2. Blue Blockers — If you don't want to fool with an app the just having blue blocking glasses can help a lot with eye strain. Wera them when working (or playing on devices).

  3. Time Out App — This app helps make sure that you are taking regular eye and stretch breaks reducing tension headaches due to inactivity and eye strain. (Check out the 1 Minute Mobility Hack below for your stretch breaks)


Desk/Work Gear

It's all about functionality and movement when you have to work on a computer. So here are the cheapest things I have tried.

  1. Standing Desk — The importance of movement when working on a computer cannot be understated so, standing desks give you more options to move and get your circulation flowing and help with the slouching posture that often comes along with sitting at a desk. 

  2. Ball Chair — If you must sit or just need to have some variety go for the ball chair. It has the plus side of making you feel like you are a kid again. Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy! 

  3. A well fitting mouth guard can help with retraining your body from clinching your jaw as you work -- which can create a negative feedback loop causing an increased stress response and more tension. 


Favorite Stretches and Videos for Tension Headache Prevention

  1. 1 Minute Mobility Hack — This video paired with the Time Out App is one of my favorite remedies and works SUUUUPER well. 

  2. Daily Exercise Routine for Posture — Working on strengthening your posture in general helps a great deal with tension headaches this routine is the one I have found most helpful. 


Favorite Stretches and Videos for when you have a Tension Headache

  1. Yoga with Adriene—  I love her and have done this video many a time. 


Favorite Practitioners/Styles of Body Work for working with Headaches

  1. Chiropractor — Especially ones who works using the Gonstead Method for upper cervical adjustments. 

  2. Feldenkris — Neuromuscular reprogramming utilizing small movements to retrain your nervous system to communicate effectively and completely with your musculature. AMAZING WORK. 

  3. Rolfing — Works to break up adhesions of connective tissue causing tissue inflexibility and constriction. 

  4. Massage — There are many forms and types of practitioners but my recommendation is to try practitioners out and talk to them about their style of working if they help you and you feel like you are getting relief then hang with them if not then don't feel bad about breaking up!



Favorite When You Get Home Gear

  1. Accupresure Mat — An acupressure mat like this helps a ridiculous amount to relax the musculature causing you pain and tension.

  2. Neck Support — This thing is a miracle worker!



More posts to come on Herbs for Tension Headaches, Aromatherapy for Tension Headaches, and a really great chart on how to know what types of headaches you are having! 

What gear and videos do you love in helping you deal with your tension headaches? 

Help a girl out!


Deep Roots Store Front in the Making

I won’t beat around the bush...I am so happy to announce that Deep Roots will be opening a store front in Montevallo!!!!

I know someone has to be thinking that I am a CRAZY person to start such an endeavor as a new Mom but taking big jumps at big times are often what is best for us! And when the stars align we need to fall in line. 

I have been thinking about a store front for some time. Mainly because people ask me frequently where ours is and often stop by my offices thinking that we sell our formulas there. I’m sure Crystal gets at least 2 calls a week. It just seemed like such a huge step. Maybe one I wasn't ready to take yet. Isn't it funny how much we get in our own way.

When I really sat down and thought about my life as a Mom and how to consolidate our endeavors, create more space in my life, and simplify things, a small store front, on my terms, housing our office, teaching space, apothecary, and offering counter consultations seemed like a no brainer.


So, when the perfect small space opened up right next door with all the requirements for our needs and at a price we could handle, we had to jump. 

We will tentatively be opening our store front Mid-November. YAY!!!! We will have all of our products available for purchase there, a small tea bar, my office space, and will offer counter consultations. I will be doing consultations at the new office and will no longer be seeing clients at the office in Calera. I will also be limiting my consultations in Birmingham. 


It will be a few more weeks until our teaching space and new apothecary production area is ready but we are shooting to move in there January when we start the 10 Week Medicine Making Course. 

If you are interested in helping us get this project off the ground you can do a few things:

1. Support us.

                Purchase something from our online store. Every little bit counts.

2. Volunteer your time.

                We will be doing a big push the week of October 16th-22 so if you are interested in helping us get things painted, prepped, decorated, cleaned, etc. then we would love your help (especially if you love to hold babies). There might be some swag in it for you! Just contact Crystal at 205.790.3285

3. Donate goods/supplies/funds.

  • We are in need of 7 - 10 ft long 1x3.
  • Oops paint in earth tones.
  • Cool Bread Rack for tea bar
  • Vintage glass counter
  • Glass shelving that can be cut
  • 2 Small outdoor tables
  • Lamps
  • Posts
  • House Plants
  • This list will grow as our needs do.            


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