Store-front Angels Shout Out

This week I have been pinching myself! After such a whirlwind of happenings over that past few months with the birth of Wren it has all just hit me that WE HAVE A STORE FRONT!!! Wrens birth was the catalyst in my realization that we needed to do something different with Deep Roots in order of me to be able to be a Mom first, clinician, and educator; we needed to revamp our model.

The first thing to go was drive-time, the second was having my office in my house, and the third was educating in locales far-flung.

 I needed to consolidate, simplify and streamline. 

This shop and office has been magical in handling all of those challenges!

Clinic happens where I am, I have all my tincture and tea making supplies with me for the first time in 2 years (this is just the best thing EVER), baby and I can be with each other 24/7(also, the best thing EVER), and Heather and Crystal and I have a home base that was exactly what we needed; cozy, with tea (must have), and more ‘professional’( if you will). 

One other thing I have learned through this process is how much community there is in the shared belief of herbalism. Obviously, with a tiny little baby, I could NOT have pulled this off by myself and all the people who helped deserve a shout-out from volunteers to family, friends to Deep Roots team. 


More than 30 people and probably more than that helped make this dream become a reality. 

  • Stacia- best land lord and best friend ever
  • Andy- flooring, carpentry, amazing
  • Crystal- my rock
  • Heather- holding the fort down
  • Kobe- floor scraping, crate washer
  • Alexander- floor scraping
  • Lana- window washer finishing touches
  • Chris- electrical
  • Sammy- electrical, painting
  • Keri- painting and stain fighter
  • Kecia- painting, finishing touches
  • Anna- painting, finishing touches
  • Liz- baby holding, love, support
  • Jessica- painting
  • Lauren- signage
  • Leah- window washing, painting
  • Erin- artisting flare, furniture, art consulting, mirror hanger 
  • Jake- curtain hanging, base boards
  • Bill- glass cutting, electrical
  • Loretta- shirt re-vamp
  • Travis- aprons
  • Jack- moving, signs, consulting
  • Iris- printing
  • Rose- sanding, furniture prep
  • Ellie- plants
  • Clair-drink design
  • Christi- house cleaning abandonment repair
  • Celeste- art and opening dress
  • Lydia- baby holding
  • Calliope- leak checker, breakfast
  • Scott Hubby- LOVE & Listening

A huge THANK YOU to all of you! You are the reason Deep Roots is ALIVE! And this thought me that it really is alive, it is my love, it is our love. 

Cheers to 4 years strong and growing! 

Come see us at the shop for clinic, specialty formulating, and our formula line on demand. 

Love you all!