Sam has been doing wonderful at school and home since you added the “Elephant Zen”. Actually she had the best week she’s had all school year, last week. Which was the first time she had been on this new supplement at school since the holiday break. We are extremely proud for her. We also want to thank you!
— Mom

I had such a lovely little one come in to the office last week that I wanted to share a bit about! We will call her Sam. Sam is a bubbly active 6 year old. Sam was having behavioral issues at school; lots of “red and yellow days,” acting out, frustration with inanimate objects that often ended in slamming them down out of anger. Sam’s parents were being pressured into putting Sam on a medication for ADD/ADHD. They had tried the medication one day and Sam was muted, mellowed, and a “zombie,” which understandably broke Mom and Dad’s hearts. So, they starting looking for another way to work with their daughter's behavioral and attention challenges, and that is when they contacted me to schedule an appointment. Sam came in and was just lovely! We talked about what was going on at school, what she felt like when she was having these things going on. I talked to Mom and Dad about adequate exercise, and some lifestyle changes that could be made to clean up Sam’s diet and to increase nutrient dense foods so that Sam’s brain would be adequately nourished. She was eating calorically empty foods and needed to up her greens and vegetables. We talked about supplementing with probiotic foods, healthy fats, decreasing sugars, and helping her to feel calm and relaxed with an herbal protocol that would fit into their schedule. I selected a few different herbs that I thought would be good for Sam and we went through and tasted them together. We picked which herbs and combinations we liked the best (for action and taste/compliance) and then we named the formulas together: ‘Tiger Tummy Ease’ and ‘Care Bear Calm.’ (This is really important for the child in order to set the stage for taking their formulas and liking them; it makes things easier for everyone involved!) We also added some ‘Minty Mineral Tea’ to get more nutrients into her diet in a tasty and easy way. One week later, Sam, Mom and Dad are all very happy! Sam’s behavior is markedly improved! Mom and Dad are relieved and have the resolve to continue to make the changes we have discussed for the long haul. This is the type of story that makes me love what I do and keeps my cup full! I am so grateful to parents who are willing to listen to that voice inside of them that says that there has to be another way because THERE IS!

I wanted to let you know a little update about Sam and her progress. She is doing wonderful! After her second recheck we had just a little bit more to go so we added an adrenal support formula (called Elephant Formula) to Sam's protocol that took us the rest of the way to success!