I asked a retired Army Colonel if I could share his story with you and he said, " As long as you refer to me as 'Colonel'." : )

At 67, Colonel came into the office with some pretty severe neuropathy caused by poorly controlled diabetes and the side effects of high blood pressure medications. He had been a long time runner but due to a chronic knee injury he had to stop running and his weight began to creep up. He was taking two diabetes medications, something for pain, a high blood pressure medication, and one for cholesterol, among others.  He came into the office with the goals of losing weight, increasing his energy, and getting relief from the painful peripheral neuropathy he was experiencing. 

Per usual, every one of my protocols begins with diet. We discussed some dietary alterations. I believed that he might do well with an Auto-Immune Paleo Protocol (No: dairy, grains, nuts, seeds, legumes, or nightshades) for 6 weeks and then add foods back to his diet. We would then shift into a low glycemic paleo-type diet. 

When I sit down for two week check-in's with clients I always expect them to have issues or fears with their protocols. I totally understand- I sometimes ask a lot of my clients! During these check-in appointments clients often tell me, "I just haven't had time to work it all in," or that their supplements haven't come in, or their finances took a turn for the worse so they couldn't purchase a few of the things we talked about. The opportunity to receive feedback and to address challenges in the care plan is the WHOLE reason I began working with people over the course of 4 appointments.  But Colonel had done EVERYTHING I asked. Which I must say, is a rare but incredibly beautiful thing. And guess what!? It paid off.  

With a few simple supplements to regulate his blood sugar and provide the building blocks to regenerate his nervous tissue, herbs to stimulate digestion and help his nervous tissue repair itself, dietary alterations, and some serious commitment and adherence to protocol (which he attributed to his military training) he was down 12 pounds at his 2 week check-in. His neuropathy pain had completely disappeared and his energy was on the rise. I would count this case a success!

Oddly enough, it isn't that uncommon for me to see these kinds of dramatic, and relatively quick, turnarounds with neuropathy. Of course, it depends on how long the issue has been going on, but the quicker you catch it the more likely you are to see rapid results. If you struggle with neuropathy, PLEASE make an appointment. I hate to see people suffering from this sort of pain when I know how easily I can help them. 

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