3 Ways to use Deep Roots for your Acute Care


Standard Product Line for your everyday herbal health needs

We carry just about everything you might need from aches and pains, to immune support, mood, detoxification, menstrual support, and some things that are just for fun!


Specially formulated products blended just for you

If we don't have a product in store that will meet your needs then we will formulate on on the spot just for you for just $5 upcharge. Just come visit us in the store and we will whip something up for you!


$55 acute care consultations

For more serious or complex acute care needs Alyssa offers a (phone or in person) consultation in which she can specifically formulate for you and your issue and do a more complex intake and protocol with written instructions, and nutrient recommendations. This prevents wasted money on drug store over-the-counters or hyped-up health food herbal medicines. Book by clicking below or call us 205.790.3285.

We can help with acute care issues such as:


  • childbirth and postpartum herbal support

  • lymphatic support for after infections or injuries

  • hemorrhoids

  • hot flashes

  • fungal infections (jock itch/athlete's foot)

  • leg cramps and restless leg,

  • UTI's

  • BV

  • mono

  • morning sickness

  • food poisoning

  • cellulitis

  • shingles

  • stomach aches

  • sprains

  • tendonitis

  • stomach ulcers

  • herniated disks

  • infections (sinus, respiratory, ear, and the like)

  • colds & flus

  • congestion

  • cough

  • diabetic wounds care support

  • varicose veins

  • broken bone healing and recovery

  • Bell's palsy

  • (systemic) poison ivy

  • post surgery recovery

  • grief

  • mild burns

  • bronchitis

  • cold sores

  • carpal tunnel